“Structuring financing solutions that will provide low cost of ownership options, with particular attention to innovative, budget-sensitive financial solutions during the implementation period, is CAPTECH's specialty. MEDITECH recommends CAPTECH for your Health Care Information System (HCIS) financing requirements.”

Lawrence A. Polimeno
Vice Chairman

We will work with you to ensure your MEDITECH HCIS project fits into your budget. We specialize in total project financing solutions to make the transition with MEDITECH seamless from a budget and financial perspective. CAPTECH specializes in structuring customer solutions to give you a competitive financing plan with low payments during the first year of implementation. CAPTECH's extensive access to capital markets allows us to provide fixed rate financing at the beginning of the implementation period. This eliminates any interest rate exposure during the entire financing period. This is particularly valuable for HCIS projects where the project financing plan requires MEDITECH, its numerous hardware and software solutions and other vendors, to be paid over a one to two year time frame.


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