Master Lease Financing Agreement
Customer signs one master agreement to include 100% of all MEDITECH software, implementation costs, training, and services; along with software from MEDITECH's software partner LSS Data Systems. Our programs can also include all hardware and networking services provided by MEDITECH Collaborative Solutions - ACS MediHealth, Dell Services (EMC, HP, IBM, Stratus and BridgeHead) and any other vendor involved in the project.

Capital Lease/Installment Sale
Ownership passes to the customer for $1.00 or a predetermined percentage of equipment cost.

Operating Lease
Specific plans can be structured for the entire project so that the finance plan meets the accounting guidelines according to FAS 13 so that the payments are classified as an operating expense.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the ASP Model
Our capital lease, operating lease and TECHFLEX programs can be structured so that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the MEDITECH HCIS can assist in the budget planning and approval process. This total cost of ownership can be fixed for the entire acquisition period. Acquiring the MEDITECH HCIS through these financing programs fixes the total acquisition cost. These plans offer an easy comparison against other alternatives, such as ASP models that require never-ending monthly fees.

Plans can be structured around almost any specific budget requirements and result in financial solutions that can be either on or off-balance sheet, as per the guidelines of FAS13.

All required payments may be structured into one payment schedule and one lease schedule. Low interest only payments during the implementation period minimize your budget impact. We developed this program to assist customers during this period when they would typically be paying significant payments for their present system. Most customers choose this plan over traditional financing plans that require repayment when the invoices are paid to the vendors. Our plan simplifies this process and eliminates forward interest rate risk to the customer. This means competitive rates, simple to understand documentation, a time saving process, and no interest rate risk. Your payment is set at contract signing and does not change during the term of the plan.

Municipal Government Customers
Some customers are part of and funded by county or state government. These customers require special local or state finance terms and sometimes a “non-appropriation of funds” clause in the contract. We will structure a finance plan, including our TECHFLEX program, to meet these requirements.

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